Blaise Zabini
Name Blaise Zabini
Date of Birth 24 January 1980
Blood Status Pureblood
House Affiliation Slytherin
Wartime Role None
Current Affiliation Neutral
Occupation Being Rich
Sexual Orientation Questionable
Portrayed by Omahyra Mota

Personality and Behaviour

Quiet, but not shy in the least, just… subtle. Used to getting what he wants, when he wants and willing to do anything for it. Bores easily, and thus is, in relationships especially, flighty.

Did quite well enough in school, but finds all of that irrelevant as it's over and really, anything brains might not have gotten him money definitely will. As far as the war is concerned, he's not. It's not something he liked to think about then and doesn't do so now. Mostly he feels rather separated from it as his mother forced him to flee to France after the sixth year (pure-blooded and proud of it, but not stupid).

The most important person in the world to Blaise is Blaise, and if you aren't in agreement, well… you'll eventually see the light.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Supposedly has learned Unforgivables from a suitor of his mother's. Before he, unfortunately, died. Clever, rich, and independent.


Vanity, strong prejudices, lack of focus, and mildly chauvinistic.

Personal History

During his seventh year, Blaise spent most of his time in his mother's villa in France. He was tutored by many buxom and beautiful French witches whenever he decided that he didn't feel that Beauxbatons suited him. Which was most of the time. Following the war, they remained in France for another three months, after which, he fled the amorous advances of his tutors by traveling Europe for a time before finally returning to England and his mother's manor. There he has spent the greater part of a month "relaxing" after a "strenuous" vacant around the world. Unfortunately, the attraction of solitude and rest is starting to wear a little thin. As is, it seems, Blaise's sanity

Misc. Information:

OWLs and NEWTs

Potions, DADA, Transfiguration, Astronomy

Wand Type

Unicorn hair, sixteen inches, cherry.

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