Draco Malfoy
Name Draco Lucius Malfoy
Date of Birth 5 June 1980
Blood Status Pureblood
House Affiliation Slytherin
Wartime Role Unwilling Voldemort Lackey
Current Affiliation Neutral
Occupation Auror Trainee
Sexual Orientation Bi-Curious
Portrayed by Alex Pettyfer

Draco Malfoy is a carefully sculptured young man. He's very well kept and he makes certain to keep everything about his appearance as perfect as possible. Draco’s clothing is usually from a higher-priced clothing store. His robes and regular clothing are tailored to fit him perfectly. His blonde hair reaches to just below his ears when let loose. When he was younger, however, Draco has preferred to wear his hair sleeked back into a more proper and sophisticated style. More frequently though Draco keeps the golden strands down. His eyes are a gray-ish blue color, not all that unusual in the pureblood circles.

Due to his own pureblood heritage, Draco owns a pale, pointed face with a rather narrowed nose. His platinum blonde hair is also a trademark of the Malfoy line, and even the way that he dresses is something that’s recognized as strictly “Malfoy” by many. He’s by no means incredibly handsome, but his features tend to scream ‘aristocrat’.

Personality and Behaviour (2 paragraphs):

Draco comes across as cold, aloof and proud to anyone who has not yet to meet him. To strangers he usually demonstrates an air of confidence, purposefully keeping his chin lifted in the air and his eyes always upward. Draco walks with a purpose, having learned from his father that one’s first impression is always most important in life.

To those who are of older generations and know his father well, Draco often appears as a carbon copy of his father. He proudly represents that impression throughout his life, although after the war, he’s taken to being more of an individual as it’s not so important to protect his family’s standards as it once was.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Draco’s pride is what keeps him alive, although some would consider the Malfoy pride to be more of a weakness than anything else. He’s determined and headstrong, rarely stepping down from a direct challenge or a blow to his own personal self worth. His almost uncanny desire to stay alive has helped him through more than one situation. Draco’s unusual closeness with his family, as well, has aided Draco in keeping his sanity over the most recent years. Draco’s magic, as well, has always been an inborn talent. Partially because of this natural talent, Draco has excelled in the art of Legilmency (and thanks to training from his godfather). Draco’s strong desire to please his father above all else is another strength of his that has effected many areas in his life thus far, such as him earning a spot on the Quidditch team, being made prefect, or even Draco joining the Inquisitorial Squad. Draco did learn how to cast the Unforgiveables as part of his training with his parents, though he never has cast them since then.


As stated above, many would argue that Draco’s pride could also be considered a weakness of his own personality. Too many times Draco would be far too proud to turn toward assistance when he truly needs it, such as during the end of sixth year. Draco would rather wear himself down to almost nothing rather than asking for help from anyone, be it teacher or friend. His father never needed to ask for assistance, so why should he be required to do so? Draco’s arrogance is also another weakness of his. He won’t hesitate to tell someone else that he’s better than them, and he doesn’t always see how he can affect certain people based on what he says. Draco also has a certain air of uncertainty with his life, and to make up for this, he tries to be dominating in certain other areas of his life. He does whatever necessary to be as perfect as possible, especially with his grades and social status. With his classes, as well, Draco no doubt put full effort into his studies in attempt to control some small part of his life. On top of his own uncertainty of his future, Draco is also fairly insecure about himself. His act of confidence is mostly for show for others, for the public that his father taught him how to handle. Inwardly, Draco struggles to perfect himself in all areas. He doesn’t accept or like failure, and anything less than perfect or being the best clearly upsets this pureblood. In response to this part of his personality, Draco will typically insult those who are perfect in areas where he’s not, or he’ll find other ways of thoroughly insulting that person just to prove that he can be better than them at something.

Personal History

Draco was born the only son to Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black on dreary June 5th in 1980 in Wiltshire, England. His life, despite popular belief, has always been relatively easy. With two rich, talented parents, Draco was practically given everything that he asked for from birth. He was never a deprived child, nor attention starved like the media has often claimed of him. His parents were both first class, aristocratic wizards who had come from long lines of purebloods. Their marriage was arranged by their families, but eventually, the two wizards grew to love each other enough to have a son.

From an early age, Draco was trained in the magical arts. Lucius drilled him on the basic spells as soon as he was old enough to get his first wand. He was taught how to fly by a professional, and permitted to fly around the manor as often as he desired. Draco quickly grew attached to the idea of flying, and began to practice Quidditch with a few of the professionals from Durmstrang that his father had hired. He was taught proper etiquette as soon as he could walk, and was the guest of honour at several pureblood parties. His father, no doubt, raised Draco as if the boy was his pride and joy, simply because that's what Draco was to Lucius. He meant everything to Lucius. His father made certain that Draco only received the best in everything, and that he only performed the best in everything. If Draco made a mistake in school work, he was forced to do the same exercise five times over, then granted another chance to get it right only after he succeeded all of those five times. It was through this harsh training to be the best that Draco did, indeed, become a perfectionist when it came to learning. He developed a fondness for difficult subjects such as potions or ancient runes, and detested such things as Herbology. Draco doesn't count divination as something worth studying at all, and he would never be caught dead in a Muggle Studies classroom.

Throughout his childhood, Narcissa saw to it that Draco only interacted with pureblood children. She purposefully watched over the pureblood children of the Ministry workers on rare occasions, also aiding in Draco's wide range of social capabilities.

When it came time for Draco to attend a former school, Narcissa won the argument. Lucius had wanted Draco to attend Durmstrang, where he could receive a proper education, but Narcissa wanted her son closer to home. In the end, Lucius gave in and permitted his son to attend Hogwarts, though he was twice as harsh on the boy's grades as he would have been had Draco been attending Durmstrang. Hogwarts, Lucius explained, simply didn't have the same values of education as did Durmstrang. Draco quickly excelled at Hogwarts on all things.

During his first year at Hogwarts, Draco offered his hand in friendship to none other than the famous Harry Potter. Furious to be turned away in favor of Ronald Weasley, Draco had decided on that day that if he could not be Harry’s friend, he would make his life a living hell. So began the famous rivalry between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. Draco constantly challenged Harry, trying to prove who was the better wizard. On the first day of flying lessons, Draco stole Neville Longbottom’s Remembrall after Neville’s disastrous first flight attempt. Harry demanded that Draco return it because it didn’t belong to him, but the Slytherin saw this as an opportunity to challenge Harry. He skillfully flew around and tossed the Remembrall downward once he was high enough in the air. Harry, however, ruined this for Draco as well. The Boy Who Lived successfully caught the ball and, upon being spotted by Minerva McGonagall, named Harry the Gryffindor Seeker. It only added to Draco’s aggravation over the infamous hero. It was Draco who, at the end of his first year, caught Harry, Ron and Hermione heading out to Hagrid’s hut one evening. Seeing a dragon inside the hut, Draco automatically reported the incident to McGonagall, thinking that he finally managed to get Harry and company into some trouble. He was furious, however, to find that he too would receive detention in the Forbidden Forest.

Second year, Draco was admitted onto the Slytherin Quidditch team as its Seeker, further adding in his rivalry against Harry. Nearly every game resulted in the boys fighting head to head to win the Snitch. Yet, each game ended with Harry defeating Draco some how. It only increased Draco’s fury with the Boy Who Lived. During his second year, Draco was requested by his father to keep a low profile as the Chamber of Secrets had been reopened. His father, a Hogwarts Governor, did not want to sully the Malfoy name. Obeying his father’s request, Draco kept himself as quiet as he knew how during the events that passed his second year at Hogwarts. His third year only continued Draco’s efforts to compete against Harry Potter. Draco’s well-known for attempting to appear as a Dementor upon his discovery that Harry fainted when seeing one. Draco, unfortunately, wasn’t privy to the knowledge that Harry had already learned the Patronus charm, and was yet again fooled by the boy hero.

Yet there were more events that happened in Draco's life that were well known throughout Hogwarts. During Draco’s fourth year, the fake Mad-Eye Moody turned Draco into a ferret when the teacher caught Draco insulting Harry. It was meant as a punishment, but it gave Ron the chance to finally tease Draco about something. He was then known as “The Amazing Bouncing Ferret” among the Gryffindors and other houses at Hogwarts. His fifth year proved to be rather slow, until the battle at the Department of Mysteries. Lucius had been given a specific order to catch hold of a certain Prophecy during the battle. Lucius failed, however, and was shortly imprisoned to Azkaban.

Things changed, however, during Draco's sixth year. Something happened which ruined his perfect life. Because of something that his father had done, Draco was punished by the Dark Lord himself. His task was to destroy Albus Dumbledore, and if he should fail, his family would suffer. It was just about the worst insult that the Dark Lord could have concocted. Throughout Draco’s sixth year, he worked with the Death Eaters in efforts to bring about the downfall of Albus Dumbledore. It was Draco who assisted the Death Eaters in entering Hogwarts. But the aspiring wizard learned fast enough that he couldn’t continue down this path alone. Also aware that he couldn’t share the knowledge with even his closest Slytherin companions, Draco found solace in Moaning Myrtle. The Slytherin’s personal health was slowly diminishing as he constantly worried over the task that Voldemort had assigned him. He was terrified of the Dark Lord, but Draco was still a Malfoy. He would not go against everything that his father worked so hard to accomplish.

However, his first attempt at seventh year changed Draco completely. With the Golden Trio gone from Hogwarts, Draco found life rather uninteresting, and boring, and even more so, difficult. He was now the golden boy of Hogwarts and had the reputation to uphold. He was now the perfect pureblood heir that many of the other purebloods looked to for guidance and control during the rough times that they faced at Hogwarts. The school year wasn’t easy, either. From learning Unforgiveables to having to outsmart the Carrows at every turn, Draco would have worn himself down that year were it not for Severus Snape—Headmaster at Hogwarts and his godfather. Severus was Draco’s savior, up until the time of his death during the Final Battle. That moment was a true turn around for this young pureblood, when Harry saved him, yet Snape died in battle.

It was partially for this, and for the fact that he owed it to his family to give their name what grace he could that Draco opted to return to Hogwarts for his seventh year, to repeat it with many of his other classmates. He knew it wouldn’t be an easy task, given his family’s position during the last war. And Draco was more than right. He was stripped of any privileges that he may have had before entering that year, and was put, for the most part, under house arrest. He was watched by professors and escorted by professors mostly everywhere that he wanted to go, but Draco was determined. He knew he had to pay for his crimes, and he knew that that was the only way that he could be considered as a fully trained wizard. And Draco was willing to sacrifice whatever it would take to make amends and to leave Hogwarts as a fully classified wizard, just like his parents. (I’m more than willing to elaborate on this should you feel I need to add more to the after bit of DH, by the way!

Misc. Information:

OWLs and NEWTs:


  • DADA
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration
  • Ancient Runes
  • Arithmancy
  • Charms


  • Potions
  • DADA
  • Transfiguration
  • Charms
  • Ancient Runes
  • Arithmancy

Wand Type:

After the final battle and the ruining of his own original wand, Draco eventually purchases a new wand. It’s still Hawthorn and unicorn hair, but this wand is slightly shorter—9 inches instead of his previous 10 inches.

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