George Weasley
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Name George Weasley
Date of Birth 1 April 1978
Blood Status Pureblood
House Affiliation Gryffindor
Wartime Role Order of the Phoenix
Current Affiliation Order of the Phoenix
Occupation Owner, Weasley Wizard Weezes
Sexual Orientation Sexually ambiguous
Portrayed by Kyle Schmid

Personality and Behaviour

George Weasley is, above all else, a prankster. At the age of five, he and his twin, Fred, got hold of the ghoul in the attic and convinced it that living in the parlor was much preferable to living in the attic. It took Molly and Arthur months to removed their "guest" back to his home in the attic. It has often been remarked that George is the more relaxed of the twins, willing to take his time and pull off the big prank in a few months rather than slapping a plan together for a quick laugh or two before lunch. When they opened the shop, they were equal partners, with Fred doing more of the experimenting and George doing more of the day in day out business affairs. Now that Fred is gone, George balances the two, often coercing Ginny into staying and helping him figure out how to best test new inventions.

Since Fred's death, George has been depressed. He's much more subdued than anyone has ever seen him, and prefers intimate gatherings to large crowds these days. He'll still crack up a room, just not as often. It's been a year, and George is now actively trying to regain his life, knowing Fred would kill him if he stopped being the twin he'd always been. So his quiet days are fewer now, and he's going out alone or with Lee more often these days. It's a slow process, but, he wants to be the jovial, amusing soul everyone's always known, if only in memory of his brother.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Magical: Early on, George showed a talent for Transfiguration and Charms, because all good pranks require illusions. The war gave him time to become knowledgeable about healing charms, though he quite prefers to leave healing to the healers whenever possible. He can cast the Unforgivables, prefers not to if possible, and he is proficient with the Patronus charm. He and his brother each had a spider monkey for their Patronus. After Fred died, George had a nasty run in with a Dementor the Ministry had failed to relocate. Calling one of the countless happy memories of his brother and himself, he cast the Patronus charm. This casting led to the discovery that he now had both his spider monkey and his brother's spider monkey for his Patronus.

Otherwise: George always had a knack for livening a room with his antics. He could make anyone laugh at the drop of a hat. Nowadays, he's become a good listener, always has an open ear for his baby sister, Ginny. He's still very goal- oriented and has an excellent head for business. His abilities have opened the door for WWW to expand to at least one new location in Hogsmeade, with several more in the works.


Magical: Often, George finds he has trouble brewing complex potions. He can brew to a certain point, but, there have been a few explosions in the past. His hexes have a tendency to be less effective if he does not completely concentrate.

Otherwise: George speaks, acts and lives before he thinks. He's beside himself without his brother, and sometimes forgets to do daily routine type things. Like eating. He still has his head for business, but, he's become absent minded in his personal life. Another loss in his immediate family would probably send him over the edge at this point.

Personal History

George Weasley was born on April 1st, 1978. He was born exactly three minutes before his twin brother, Fred, and never let him forget it. George and Fred were born fourth and fifth in a family with seven children. Often, George would tease Fred about being the "middle child." They spent their early childhood years terrorizing their siblings and parents.

In September of 1989, George and Fred boarded the Hogwarts' Express, not the first Weasleys to have done so, and certainly not the last! On the Hogwarts' Express, George and Fred met their lifelong friend, Lee Jordan. Lee was the only good humoured victim of their debut prank: the Diabolical Dung Bombing of '89. The three became fast friends and the twins often joked that they'd trade Lee's mom Percy for Lee any day.

At Hogwarts, they were quickly sorted into Gryffindor and made short work of all the effort Bill, Charlie and Percy had put into making the Weasleys appear to be good students, proper gentlemen and all that bull. They pulled pranks at every opportunity, studied very little and managed only to earn a few OWLs between them. In their seventh year, during the reign of Dolores the Dunderhead, they pulled their most spectacular prank, turning a corridor into a swamp, summoning their brooms and leaving Hogwarts for bigger and better things. Sadly, they had to leave all of their legacy in the hands of the babies of the family: Ron and Ginny.

After Hogwarts, George and Fred did several things. They opened Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes in Diagon Alley and joined the Order of the Phoenix. WWW hit the ground running and continued to do a smashing job through mail order to Hogwarts. Being in the Order gave the twins access to information about the war and put them in the thick of things.

During their youngest brother's seventh year, they act as two of the decoys while, yet again, helping Harry Potter escape from Privet Drive. During the chase, George managed to lose his right ear to a Sectumsempra that missed its mark. He loves making jokes about being Holey. He and Fred, along with the entire Weasley clan, are being watched all of 1998. Thus, they cannot return to their shop and decide to start up their mail order again to keep business flowing.

While fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts, Fred is killed in an explosion. The loss is greater than George had ever known, but he couldn't deal with it right then. He and his other best friend, and on again off again lover, Lee, continue fighting, managing to take down Yaxley, a Death Eater, in the process. Afterwards, George is overcome with grief.

For the entire year following the Battle, George leaves WWW in the capable hands of a manager and takes off on a backpacking trip. He can't bear to think of creating and joking and living while his brother no longer does. The trip takes him all over the world, he even manages to visit the States for a bit, and then it takes him home again. He's still not better, his brother will always be dead, and it will always feel like the biggest part of himself is utterly gone. But, he knows there are other people he has to think of, and he has a business to run. Slowly, George begins to rebuild his life, picking up what pieces he can and letting fall those he cannot.

When George returns, he finds Ron chomping at the bit to begin Auror training with the rest of his mates. With great trepidation, George releases Ron from his employ to pursue his dream, George would have preferred his baby brother pick a safer job, that required less death defying abilities. After his baby sister fell sixty feet, George nearly had a heart attack. When she lived through it, George was matter of fact with her, telling her exactly what happened and telling her in no uncertain terms that she would be fine. She was his sister and he was always going to be there for her. He gave her a job assisting him in the shop on Diagon Alley, and for her birthday plans to offer her a loft over the new store in Hogsmeade, provided she agrees to manage the store over there.

Misc. Information:

OWLs and NEWTs

With his brother Fred, managed to "scrape together a handful of OWLs" so, probably Charms: EE Transfiguration: O Potions: A. No NEWTs, left Hogwarts without taking them.

Wand Type:

Willow, 11 and ¾ inches, unicorn hair core

Other Information

George loves sushi. And no, that's not an innuendo. He'd also love to have a kid or two running around, because they're so full of life.

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