Justin Finch-Fletchley
Name Justin Titus Finch-Fletchley
Date of Birth 25 October 1979
Blood Status Muggleborn
House Affiliation Hufflepuff
Wartime Role Resistance Fighter
Current Affiliation Ministry of Magic
Occupation Auror Trainee
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Portrayed by Ryan Taylor

Justin has lost the roundness of his early years and is now a rather handsome young man. He possesses the model-like beauty of his mother while having the masculine frame of his father. In the muggle world, Justin could have very easily slid by on his looks alone. He stands at a decent 5'9" feet tall and has a athletic frame. He has light brown hair, bright blue eyes and an assortment of scars from the war cover Justin's body. A lifetime of having his parents buy him the very best clothing has left Justin to continue wearing the finest of clothing, wizarding robes included.


Justin has all the social grace and charm that can be expected from a proper English gentleman, and the good-nature expected from a former Hufflepuff. He has long forgotten the days were he felt superior to others due to his wealth and doesn't intend to return to them. As far as Justin is concerned bloodstatus, wealth, sexuality and race mean nothing as far as an individual's worth. Speaking of such things is highly inappropriate and Justin doesn't so much as hint at them. He is the embodiment of hard-work, knowingly choosing a life of it when he left the muggle world and began in the Wizarding one. He is friendly and social, truly enjoying the company of others though he is rather introverted and keeps his own thoughts to himself unless asked. Justin is open-minded and non-judgemental, traits that are probably reflections of his sexuality and blood-status.

However, Justin does have some short-comings as all people do. He has a tendency to be "fake" at times, putting up masks and walls to hide his feelings and thoughts. When he was young and new at Hogwarts he was desperate to fit in and found it exceptionally hard to give up his muggle-ways. The desire to be liked and accepted hasn't left Justin and he struggles with his feelings of isolation and unacceptance. When given the right motivation, Justin can become very emotionally manipulative, he tries to control this tendency and does for the most part. Escapism is also a big thing for Justin. When he is feeling anxious or emotional, he will physically and emotionally isolate himself from others in a decision to not deal with the problem. This tendency lead him to have a minor muggle substance abuse problem during the summer after Cedric died. It is a habit he kicked upon returning to Hogwarts but there are a few relaxing magical elixirs that tempt him every once in a while.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Transfiguration spells, history, muggle and public relations, self-defense, the Fumaeris Charm, hard work, emotional insight, dueling


Snakes, his bloodstatus, potions, minor social anxiety, history of substance abuse (both muggle and magical), trusting others, wavering self-confidence

Personal History

Born to English gentry, Justin Finch-Fletchley had a pre-planned and rather dull life set out for him. His family were "Old-Money", their wealth and social rank dating back several centuries. Justin's father, Lord Winston Finch-Fletchley, was the chairman of an incredibly successful shipping company and his mother, Lady Helena Finch-Fletchley, was the heir to the Linton Brandy fortune. The family had more money than they knew what to do with, a country estate in Northamptonshire and a stunning townhouse in London. While Justin was the youngest of three sons, there was no question that he would be groomed to take up a position in one of the families' companies. Justin wasn't meant for that life and in time his family would realize that.

Justin had the usual childhood of people in his family's social rank. He attended the best day schools before moving on to the best boarding schools. He was a master of the piano, cricket and garden parties by the time he entered the double digits. Holidays to the French countryside and ski trips to the Swiss Alps were common things. However, Winston was determined to make sure his sons were not ignorant of the world and those less fortunate than themselves. When Justin began throwing temper tantrums and talking down to his classmates, Winston withdrew him from school for a month and sent him to stay with the family of one of his employees. In that month Justin lost everything he had always thought to be normal convinces. Sharing rooms, stew and left-overs for dinner, only a single black and white television, it was an entirely different world for Justin. When he returned home and to school, he was much more grounded and treated people with more understanding and respect.

Due to Justin's family being muggles, the boy's letter to attend Hogwarts was hand delivered by a Ministry appointed Muggle-relations agent and a professor from Hogwarts. At first the Finch-Fletchley's believed it all to be a big joke and came very near calling the police. The strange things that had been occurring around Justin for the past few years couldn't be explained away and the two "Witches" ended up demonstrating for the family the truth of what they were offering. A trip to Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, and a two page proposal on why Justin believed he should be allowed to attend Hogwarts were required before the boy's parents would consent to letting their youngest child be a "Wizard". He was bought all new supplies for his time at Hogwarts, his parents sending him with far too much due to them not fully understanding what was really needed, but it was his wand that became Justin's most prized possession. 11 inches of Ash with unicorn hair for its core, the wand hardly left his side even prior to him moving to Hogwarts.

Justin was unaware of the reputations of the houses and was very pleased when he was sorted into Hufflepuff, although he did have some trouble adjusting to the school and making friends due to him being completely in the dark about magic. Eventually he did make friends but it wouldn't be until later in his schooling, when Justin stopped setting himself apart due to his muggle-heritage, that they truly became close friends. After his encounter with the Basilisk, he nearly didn't return to Hogwarts but he was convinced by his father to not give up. While at Hogwarts, Justin became the go-to-person for Hufflepuffs taking Muggle Studies. Even though he struggled with adjusting his mind-set to that needed to be a Wizard, eventually Justin grasped his lessons. He did exceptionally well in Transfiguration, becoming one of the quickest students to pick up on the spells being taught, and Charms and Ancient Runes came quite easily too him.

Besides the Basilisk attacking him during his second year, Justin's fourth year at Hogwarts shaped up to be one of the roughest for the young wizard. He had begun to think he wasn't entirely straight some time earlier, but it was Cedric Diggory that really made that realization clear for him. The older boy had always been friendly, even helping Justin when he had first arrived at Hogwarts to understand the school and the magical world, but when Diggory was named the Hogwarts Champion and everyone fell in love with him, Justin got jealous and discovered just how far his feelings ran. This confused Justin and he withdrew from his friends and housemates in fear of being even more different than he already was. Eventually he came out to Cedric when the older boy came to Justin and asked him if he was alright. Cedric, while declining Justin's invitation to attend the Yule Ball, gave Justin some helpful advice and support. Needless to say, Justin took Cedric's death extremely hard and ended up turning to muggle mood enhancers upon his return to the muggle world.

His parent's didn't understand his change in attitude, the threat of war or his reluctance to return to Hogwarts, but they tried. Eventually Justin did decide to return to Hogwarts and he immediately threw his support behind Harry and Dumbledore's announcement that Voldemort had returned. As a muggle-born he had no reason to doubt the claims and just had to remember Cedric to know the Dark Wizard was back. He joined up with the D.A. and focused on the lessons, eventually kicking the habit he had formed over the summer with the help of his friends and all the new lessons. As a muggle-born, Justin was not Professor Umbridge's favorite student and when she told him that he would be lucky to achieve even a single "A" on his OWLs Justin threw himself into proving her wrong. He eventually did, earning almost all "O"s and "E"s. His parents didn't quite understand the importance of the subjects but were thrilled with his high marks all the same, and ended up allowing him to visit the Wizarding World in America when the family vacationed there that summer.

When the Ministry summoned him to verify his blood-status in late 1997, Justin initially agreed to attend his trial. When he arrived however, he witnessed a girl who would have been entering her second year being taken away by Dementors like a criminal. Something inside of Justin snapped and he ended up casting the Patronus Charm on the Dementors before escaping with the girl and a few others. After briefly explaining to his parents what was happening and that they were in danger, Justin went into hiding, refusing to go to America with his parents. Justin quickly learned how to protect himself with magic and ended up becoming a skilled duelist as he fought back against the Ministry and the Death Eaters. The DA coin had been Justin's one way to stay in contact with his friends and allies back at Hogwarts so when the announcement appeared about the battle, Justin rushed to support his friends. His time fighting the Ministry came in handy and Justin was not only able to survive the battle, but incapacitate several Death Eaters as well.

After the battle, Justin was lost as too what to do. He didn't fully trust the Ministry after the last year but he was willing to give Shacklebolt a try since he had fought Voldemort himself. When the offer to make up his seventh year came around, Justin accepted looking forward to recuperate and have a quiet year. He returned to some of his core courses, even taking Potions back up after dropping it during his sixth year. Justin scored very well on his NEWTs, as he had on his OWLs, and eventually decided to try and pursue a career as an Auror.

After graduation, Justin sent in his application for the Auror training program and moved into the Diagon Alley flat his parents had bought him as a graduation present. Somehow they had managed to find someone willing to sell them a magical residence and filled it with all sorts of things some witch had fooled them into thinking every wizard needed.

Miscellaneous information.


He got OWLs in; Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration.


He got NEWTs in; Ancient Runes, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration.
*He struggled at Hogwarts for the first few years and he relied on his housemates to explain many magical things to him. However, he eventually adjusted and ended up scoring exceptionally well on both his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s

Other information

  • During the war Justin found himself as a resistance fighter, battling the Ministry, Snatchers and Death Eaters. Through this constant life of combat, Justin became an expert duelist.
  • He has had three wands. Justin snapped his first in half after second year as proof that he didn't want to be a wizard (7", lime wood, unicorn hair). He bought his current before third year and a spare for Auror training.
  • When he cast his first successful Patronus Charm, he was horrified to see it form into a fat, ugly English Bulldog. The animal has since grown on him and has been named Charlie after Prince Charles. Wizards tend to not get the joke.
  • After his 2nd year at Hogwarts, Justin developed a fear of snakes that remains with him to this day. He nearly passed out when the boggert in DADA turned into a Basilisk.
  • Had a giant crush on Cedric Diggory during his 3rd and 4th year. The older boy's death nearly destroyed Justin.
  • He lead a resistance group during the ministry's Magic is Might days and he has a few scars to prove it.
  • He hopes to compete in the World Dueling Championships some day.
  • He began studing the Animagi transformation spell during the war in hopes that he could use it to better fight and escape the ministry. His return to Hogwarts distracted him from completing it but the spell has returned to the top of his To-Do list.
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