"An obscure branch of magic, but a highly useful one."
— Severus Snape (OP24)

Occulemency is taught to second year Aurror trainees, though there are few if any books on it and it is mostly passed down from instructor to student. The exact method varies for everyone. Kingsley Shacklebolt hand wrote about his own training and gave a copy of the book to Ginny Weasley so she could add to it.

Occulemency is looked down upon by many in the Wizarding population because it uses internal magic instead of a wand or a potion.


Meditative State

The first step is to calm your breathing and drop into a semi meditative state. This is most commonly done by focusing on a memory of a happy or safe place and imagining oneself there. The process is similar to focusing on a memory used to produce a Patronus Charm. The Meditative state is especially useful when accessing painful memories or those with strong emotions, and may be returned to between memory filings It is also useful to enter a meditative state after a session of memory filing to regain inward calm and perspective.

Memory filing and storage

A large portion of Occulmency is the filing and secure storage of memories. There is a certain level of emotional and magical maturity needed to be able to do this and so it is often not attempted until the post Hogwarts years. The action of storage is similar to that of a built in Pensive and makes the memories recede until you are ready to deal with them. It is a continuation of what happens naturally, but it takes a longer amount of time.

Some magical people can just think their thoughts into the container but most imagine themselves taking the thought ougt of their head, putting it into a container and then filing that container away.

Levels of storage

Different types of memories are best housed in different places or levels of storage. happy memories should be given easy access so that they can power charms while difficult memories should be pushed back with mental or imagined safe guards around them. This is very important to organise and ease the mind and to make the other part of Occulemency possible.

An Example

As an example if a person likes to read they might choose their outermost container to be a libray. This would be their personal library so even if two differnt people had libraries in their mind they would look vastly different. Thoughts may then be sorted into books. Harder memories would go into a restricted section, happy memories would go on display for easy access. Finally wards against intruders would go on the outside of the library itself.

Occulemency as a magic unique to the person

Occulemency is a highly personal brand of magic as the filing system takes a different form for everyone. The basic structure is as follows. A memory is put into a container and then that container is sorted into different areas of a larger container which is then secured in the mind. every container is unique to the person down to the minute details. The person who's mind it is will be easily able to access or block a memory, but a person entering an unfamiliar mind will not or will have to go through so many levels that the aware witch or wizard has time to throw them out.


Protecting the Mind

Once the memories are sorted a person should still drop into a meditative state each day to familiarize themselves with the structure and details of the place they have created. Not only should memories be sorted daily for the greatest efficiency and discipline, but the more unique the place the holding memories is the easier it is for a person to recognize an intruder in their mind.

If a Legimens manages to get into the first level of memory storage a person should drop into their meditative state, and instead of sorting a memory focus their eternal magic on pushing the person out as they would when fighting the Imperious Curse. The farther an intruder gets into the level of protection the harder it is to expll them.

This technique can also be used to show an intruder a certain memory often to distract them from what they truly want. Often it is best to bring the memory into the outer level of protection and release it from it's container.

Calming and controlling emotions

Since few wizards are able to preform Legimency, Occulemency is often used to organize the mind and control strong emotions such as anger or despair from over taking a person. For this use special attention should be show to the precise filing of memories.

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