Rabastan Lestrange
Name Rabastan Lestrange
Date of Birth 10 February 1960
Blood Status Pureblood
House Affiliation Slytherin
Wartime Role Death Eater
Current Affiliation Death Eater
Occupation Death Eater
Sexual Orientation Straight
Portrayed by Matt Damon

Rabastan Lestrange, 39 years old, was nearly skeletal by the time he escaped Azkaban. Once out, Rabastan took to eating as much as he could and exercising, to build muscle mass and regain his strength. Between muggle-baiting and trying to catch the brats Potter always hung around, Lestrange managed to nicely fill out his 5'11" frame into something more intimidating than it had once been. There was still a haunted look in his eyes, those Azkaban nights were long and lonely, but his blues shone with an innate intelligence anyway. His straight brown hair falls to about the nape of his neck, not quite long enough to need to be tied back. Though not as wealthy as his elder brother, Rabastan manages to dress himself in specially tailored robes.

He is a well spoken man, his way with words has eased him out of more than one bit of trouble in the past. Though he prefers to sort things out with words, Rabastan has never backed down from a fight. His developing physique is marred, his chest, his left side, the back of his neck, from the various battles he has been in. However, the scar on the back of his neck is from a particularly nasty trick Rodolphus tried to play on him in their younger days. He was lucky his mother found them messing around with that antique guillotine, he'd have much more than a scar if she hadn't frozen it when she did.

Personality and Behaviour

Rabastan Lestrange is an intelligent man, well-versed in a variety of subjects. He keeps very much to himself, only on the rare occasion seeking counsel from his brother. And only then if it is his last option. Rabastan's quick wit and sharp tongue aid him in sorting out various spats, or getting into them if necessary. When he speaks to another person, which isn't a commonplace event, he looks them directly in the eyes and seems to pay close attention to all that is said. His family's purity of blood views are one of the driving forces behind his decision to follow his brother into the Dark Lord's Inner Circle.

Rodolphus would accuse Rabastan of being a loner, but, in truth, he does well in group situations, if it takes all of his patience to tolerate some people. He may not lead the pack, but, he certainly knows how to gain the ear of whomever is leading. Rabastan has found this supporting role is often more rewarding than actually leading. All that potential power with considerably less responsibility if it all blows up in the end. Growing up as the second son has left him with no illusions of grandeur, he doesn't desire or require the spotlight, just the pulleys and levers to machinate the situation to his advantage.

He stands to his full height of 5'11" at all times, a lack of responsibility did not cause him to forego a proper upbringing in Pure Blood etiquette and polishing. He speaks with a refined tone, quiet and low, rarely ever raising it above a polite, private conversation. His well-groomed appearance almost hides the years he spent in Azkaban. The sole reminder is the sometimes haunting gaze you might catch when he believes no one is watching. Rabastan keeps his desires and preferences close to himself, knowing what image to project, all the while holding his own, firm opinions on any subject.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Dedication to task, has enough charm and persuasive ability to get his way, can work a room if he absolutely has to. Rabastan learned to cook and do some cleaning chores, knowing he would eventually live in his own place. He detests them, but, sees the necessity. In combat, Rabastan is a ruthless killer and rarely misses his mark. Rabastan's greatest magical strengths lie in creating potions and some spells. He can cast all of the Unforgivables with complete accuracy.


He didn't seek out as many alliances during his Hogwarts days, choosing his studies and his pastimes over excessive human companionship. He sometimes finds himself seeking the approval of his elder brother, mostly because Rodolphus is all the family he has. Rabastan is so determined to perfect his potions and spells, he often has to abandon them when he hits a wall on their production. His self imposed seclusion left him with no one to confide in, and he sometimes wonders if he's not going mad. Though he knows the technical requirements for producing a Patronus, he has only successfully cast the spell once. It took the form of a mongoose, then winked out of existence.

Personal History


Rabastan Lestrange was born on 10 February 1954 to Ruarc and Andraste Lestrange. His older brother, Rodolphus, was someone he'd toddled after in his infancy, despite their constant brawls. From a young age, Rabastan had his place in the family instilled into him. He was the second son, not the heir. He was loved, doted on, cared for, but never like Rodolphus. Some might have skulked and bemoaned their position, Rabastan reveled in it. It meant he didn't have as much responsibility, he could be whomever he chose, and though he had to uphold the family name, he didn't bear the brunt of that burden.


Rabastan only ever begrudged Rodolphus one thing: getting his Hogwarts' letter first. Rabastan wanted dearly to go to Hogwarts and, waited somewhat impatiently every day from the day of his 11th birthday until the day he finally received his letter. On September 1st, 1965, Rabastan and Ruarc Lestrange made their way to Platform 9 ¾. This brought the total number of times Rabastan had spent alone with his father up to three. At Hogwarts, Rabastan was placed in Slytherin almost the moment the Sorting Hat was placed on his head.

He took his cues from Rodolphus and didn't spend much time worrying about acknowledging his brother. He studied and did decently well, thoroughly enjoying the subjects taught. His only regret was that there was only a Defense Against the Dark Arts and no Dark Arts class to counter it. In his Third Year, Rabastan tried out for Quidditch and made Beater. He was opposite his brother just that one year, and then another, younger Slytherin took his brother's place.

Largely, Rabastan kept his own counsel throughout his Hogwarts days, making alliances, but never worrying too much, after all, it was his brother who had to make sure the Lestranges stayed powerful. He was free to pursue his studies, and though most of the teachers loved his studious nature, he often received detentions for some of his more…Volatile experiments and questionable reading materials from the Forbidden Section. He passed his OWLs and NEWTs with decent marks, and would have interned at the Ministry of Magic upon graduation, if he had not joined the Dark Lord's ranks.

After Hogwarts

Shortly after his 18th birthday, Rabastan was initiated into the Dark Lord's service and received his Dark Mark. Perhaps he held some reservations on the topic of complete extermination of muggles, but, he was absolutely certain he'd rather be on the winning side no matter what. The Dark Lord utilized his skill in experimental potions and his fascination with various torture techniques to…persuade some of the more reluctant informants.

Often Rabastan found himself working alongside Severus Snape; he was not sure what to make of the man's loyalties, but he tended toward the side of suspicion with everyone. He was also instrumental in various raids. As Rabastan proved his usefulness and worth, he climbed the ranks of the Death Eaters, eventually residing by his brother in the Inner Circle. Rabastan spent his days trying to devise new methods of torture, ones that caused maximum amounts of pain and anguish without rendering the captive useless after the fact.

Each time Rabastan came to stopping point on a new spell or a new potion, he'd hand it over to Rodolphus to test. Rodolphus would take Bellatrix, or sometimes not, and go test the spells or potions on unsuspecting muggles, mudbloods or anyone generally deemed undesirable. Shortly after the fall of the Dark Lord, Rabastan, his brother and his brother's wife did everything within their power to find the Dark Lord. None of them thought him truly dead, it wasn't possible. Their search led them to the Longbottoms, whom they tortured for their Lord's whereabouts. The mistake they made, that Rabastan would curse for years in Azkaban, was in not killing them after it was over. It hadn't seemed necessary, they were using stolen wands after all. But, that mistake led to their capture, and imprisonment in Azkaban.

He further receded into himself during his incarceration in Azkaban, speaking when only when no other option was availed to him. To keep from going too insane, and to stave off pleasant thoughts, Rabastan spent many long, dull hours devising new torture techniques and more volatile, intriguing potions, listing the ingredients and various methods each would require. Finally, one night, the dementor guarding his cell just opened it. He stepped into the chaotic hallway, filled to the brim with Death Eaters and common criminals and made his way back to the Dark Lord's service.

Voldemort's Regime

As the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters infiltrated the Ministry and wreaked havoc on the wizarding world, Rabastan found himself immersed in his laboratory, often sending missives to Snape discussing the various properties of lesser known plants. He also spent a good deal of time developing a method of turning the potions into a sort of projectile. When he wasn't doing those things, he was accompanying his brother and sister-in-law on their raids.

That blood-traitor's wedding had been most intriguing. He reveled with the other Death Eaters, the bloodcurdling screams, the blood everywhere…Rabastan had almost forgotten what the heat of battle could be. It was magnificent, it spurred him to greater heights, wishing to be able to incorporate his work into his pleasure. However, the Golden Trio has eluded his best curses and hexes; no matter, they would be dealt with in time.

The night Greyback brought the Trio to Malfoy Manor was one for celebrating, and for potential mourning. The Great War would be won without a Final Battle? How anticlimactic of things. Bellatrix tortured that mudblood, the almost insufferably intelligent one. And then…Weasley? A blood traitor from a family of blood traitors, he had actually Disarmed Bellatrix. Rabastan almost wished he'd been there to see that.

Battle of Hogwarts

Rabastan dearly loved a good fight, and was quite pleased to learn there would indeed be a Final Battle. In preparation, he and some less important Death Eaters went off to cause a ruckus in the countryside, well away from Rodolphus and Bellatrix. When they went killing, there was no telling if they'd recognize their own or not. They test out a few of his more prepared curses, Rabastan carried it a bit too far with one town, leaving nothing left but a few smouldering bits of debris.

The battle itself was magnificent. Rabastan reveled alongside the other Death Eaters, cursing and hexing anyone not a Death Eater. He only ever caught glimpses of the people he knew, concentrating on his individual battles. After extensive fighting, the Dark Lord called them to himself in the Forbidden Forest. Unfortunately, Rabastan was hit in the upper left arm as the Dark Lord called a retreat. Reluctant to leave, as he was unable to test his projectile potions on the imbecile who winged him, Rabastan nonetheless makes his way toward his Lord.

Not surprisingly, the Potter child is just as dense as the Dark Lord predicted, walking directly into their lair, coming to his own death. Rabastan watched, with some amusement, as the boy died. He probably believed he'd return from the dead or some such nonsense. Really, what did that old fool Dumbledore teach these children, that they foolishly believed they could defeat the Dark Lord? They take his body back to the school, to revel in their certain victory. All hell breaks loose, as the boy either did not die, or came back from the dead.

Narrowly escaping with his life, Rabastan flees to the last place any respectable Pure Blood should want to go: Muggle London. He is not proud of his flight, but his own safety has always been foremost in his mind. Rabastan spends most of his time trying to recoup his funds and exit the country entirely. After a few months, he is settled into the routine of being a fugitive, and always looks over his shoulder. He managed to regain some of his money, but, not enough to leave the country. Always keeping an ear to the ground for news from the magical world, Rabastan finally gets an owl from his brother. They set up an infrequent correspondence, mostly comprised of Rodolphus telling Rabastan to get back to the magical world. After a few months of this, Rabastan relocates closer to the magical world, but still travels among muggles more often than not. Azkaban is not so distant a memory that Rabastan is prepared to revisit it in this lifetime.

Misc. Information:

OWLs and NEWTs

OWLs: Ancient Runes: A; Astronomy: EE; Charms: EE; DADA: O; Herbology: EE; History of Magic: A; Potions: O; Transfiguration: A.
NEWTs: Ancient Runes: EE; History of Magic: O; Potions: EE

Wand Type:

Length: 11 inches, Wood: Rowan, Core: dragon heart-string

Other Information

Family History: The Lestranges have been a respected, sometimes feared, Pureblood family for centuries. They opposed the Statute of Secrecy in 1692, believing that magical folk should not hide in fear of mere muggles. The Lestrange family motto is "Custos morum; familia nos defendit", or "Guardians of morals; the family protects us." They firmly believe their purist values are not only right, but the only values worth having, and they would (and have) defend those beliefs to death. The Lestrange family crest is done in dark greens, royal blues and sliver. The depiction is of two serpents surrounding a shield, one has the family motto inscribe on it, the shield has two silver wands crossed on it. The Lestranges are Pureblooded, proud and unafraid to die for their beliefs, if necessary.

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