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The war is over, but the story isn't.

It's been a year since the Final Battle, and the Wizarding World is slowly rebuilding. During that time Kingsley Shacklebolt has stepped up as Minister and quickly put to rights most of what the Death Eater regime wronged. Muggleborns are slowly filtering back into society, though fear of the same thing happening again is high. Harry and Ron are training to be Aurors, while Hermione works at the Ministry of Magic. There's still evil, of course, lingering under the surface, waiting to erupt.

This is an RPG based on characters, where Death Eaters cry (and reanimate their dead loved ones) and Hufflepuffs fuck Death Eaters. Come join the family. We're a friendly, energetic game with loads of awesome open characters. We have periodic group chats to get to know each other, and everyone is easy-going and excited for fun plots!

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