Susan Bones
Name Susan Amelia Bones
Date of Birth 7 August 1980
Blood Status Half-Blood
House Affiliation Hufflepuff
Wartime Role Dumbledore's Army
Current Affiliation Kingsley Shacklebolt's Ministry
Occupation Auror Trainee
Sexual Orientation Straight
Portrayed by Ida Elise Broch

Personality and Behaviour

Susan is quiet and loyal. She is rather shy in new situations but cannot stay quiet in the face of injustice. She is a follower with her own mind and though she prefers not to lead she will question her leaders. She is spunky and resilient and will help everyone. She was the quiet observer of her house at Hogwarts and is always willing to give a chance if she likes what she sees or at least understand the person’s actions.
Susan is someone you do not want to debate. She is not flashy or into facts like the Ravenclaws but she more than makes up for it in her passion once she is sure of something. Occasionally her housemates have to rein her in but usually she knows when to stop and she is always kind. The sorting hat considered Gryffindor, but ultimately chose Hufflepuff.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Potions, Charms, seeing both sides of an argument, work ethic, loyalty, Badger Patronus, speaking passionately


Herbology, decisiveness, openness with strangers, transfiguration

Personal History

Susan was quiet and somewhat withdrawn on her entrance at Hogwarts. After the death of his family her father had decided to keep a low profile while her Aunt refused to be cowed. The two fought for a long time about it but were brought back together by the event of Susan’s birth. Nonetheless Susan grew up in a quiet hose where she read and drew a lot and also played with her Muggle neighbors. Her Aunt was her hero but as she approached 11 her admiration became a quiet one as her father began to get nervous that her aspiration to become an Auror would continue.
At school Susan was the first in her family to be sorted into Hufflepuff. Her parents were disappointed she was not a Ravenclaw, but it was her Gryffindor Aunt that had praised her quietly telling her that loyalty was its own brand of courage and was the most noble of traits. Taking that to heart she began to find the good things in her house and as the years went on she became know as the girl with the Hufflepuff Pride. Even before her third year she would take the younger students aside and explain why their house was not to be taken lightly. As a result the classmates in her year became especially close.

She was hurt by Cedric’s death as can only happen when you live with a person and see them regularly for a number of years. But it hurt worse when her Aunt pulled her aside that summer and told her that she believed Dumbledore, but that she had to be careful lest she end up in a bad situation. Her Aunt had then asked her if she would tell her of Harry in the coming year, because she worried about what the Minister would try to do to him especially after his ridiculous trial. Cedric had liked Harry she remembered and so in her loyalty to her housemate she watched the boy silently. And she didn’t hesitate when she heard about the DA. It was the only thing she didn’t tell her Aunt about in her letters that were sent using Muggle secret writing techniques (her Aunt had a sense of humor). Her Aunt was he ally the next summer when her father in a rare showing of angerraged at her for putting herself in danger. The pride and cold steel in her Aunt’s voice was something she would never forget and would be one of the last memories of her.

A few weeks later her Aunt was dead and it was Susan’s friends that helped her this time. Her father was devastated but stoic, her mother just sad, but Susan had lost one of her mentor’s and best friends. And had retained her desire to be an Auror because of it.

She spent her last year at Hogwarts because her father knew that there she would be protected by her closeness to the minions of Voldemort. She was to behave herself and keep her head down and be nothing like her Aunt. As loyal as she was to her parents she could not obey. Not when she knew as they didn’t that if the pattern held there would be a battle of some sort at the end of the year. Not when one of her best friends had lost a mother and another was forced to run because of blood. Not when half of her house were undesirables. Not when she was loyal to Undesirable Number 1. Not when she could feel her Aunt’s probing gaze.

So Susan joined the resistance under Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley. She never endured the wrath of the teacher’s directly, she was the one who organized the rescue missions of students from the Dungeons and once students moved into the Room of Requirement she kept them appraised of the situation (using the same Muggle methods that she had used with her Aunt until she too had to retreat to the room. She had held out the longest of all they DA members but then she had learned the importance at faking loyalty towards the end because she knew they needed someone on the outside and that was better than joining her friends. It was the reason she was not a Gryffindor.

She fought during the battle, nothing more, and nothing less. It was a bit of a blur but sh did. She tended the wounded during the ceasefire as she had become rather adept at healing after the rescue missions she organized. After the battle seeing as she had little to go home to she had sen her parents a quick owl and then stayed as she helped Madame Pomfrey and the Healers from St. Mungo’s with the wounded and did everything from brew potions to empty bed pans. Finally as fresh healers had come in the days following she had gone home to her parents.

After school she decided that she wanted to be an Auror because she didn’t want anyone else to lose most of their family. After the Death Eaters are caught? Well that’s different but that could be years away. So she applied to be an Auror against her Father’s wishes and with her mother’s quiet understanding and she knows that if she is accepted Mum will bring Dad around, because her family is where she learned her first lessons in loyalty. They are loyal to each other.

Misc. Information:

OWLs and NEWTs:

Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, DADA, Ancient Runes

Wand Type

9 and 3/8 Birch Dragonheartstring

Other Information not covered elsewhere in the application

Susan was Amelia’s pride and joy even if she was only her niece so if you were friends with Amelia you heard stories of Susan.

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